ANCS provides advisory services in the areas of commercial and on farm stock feed manufacturing, product development, diet formulations, grazing programs, forage conservation and feeding management.

The company is also involved in development and delivery of beef and dairy nutrition training seminars and workshops to the suit individual requirements of the intended audience of stockfeed manufacturers, producer groups & government/industry bodies.

Areas of Expertise

Initial Intensive/Extensive Operation Setup

  • Feedlot specifications - open lot & covered
  • Feed trough/feed pad setup
  • Feed mixing/Storage requirements

Evaluation of Feedstuff

  • Advice on suitability of feedstuffs
  • Evaluation of cost effectiveness
  • Lab testing requirements

Silage & Hay Conservation

  • Advice on crops/fodder to conserve
  • Methodology for proper conservation
  • Advice on conservation alternatives



Ration Formulation

  • Defining specifications for target animals
  • Least cost ‘optimum’ formulations
  • Use of computer production models

Feed Preparation

  • Feed processing/mixing equipment
  • Feed processing alternatives & methods
  • Feed mixing requirements

Feeding Practices

  • Advice on different feeding strategies
  • Bunk/pad management practices
  • Feeder setup/adjustments

Performance Evaluation

  • Feed & stock monitoring systems
  • Performance analysis tools

Training in Specific Areas

  • Animal nutrition principles
  • Husbandry and management training
  • Training to groups and individuals