About ANCS

Animal Nutrition Consulting Services (ANCS) is an international provider of practical up-to-date animal nutrition and feeding management advice and training. As an independent consultancy practice, it is focused of delivering advice and training in a cost effective manner to achieve the best possible outcome for each client’s business and livestock.

ANCS is based in Toowoomba, Queensland, the heart of the intensive animal industry of Australia. From there it provides services to many stockfeed manufacturers, beef feedlots, beef stud and commercial properties, dairy farms and piggery operations located in the states of Queensland and New South Wales, Australia. ANCS also services beef and dairy operations in other countries such as Colombia, China, Indonesia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Japan and Korea.

Competitive Advantage

ANCS’ principal consultant is Mr Vincent Posada who graduated with a M Ag degree from Texas A&M University, USA, in 1978. Since then, he has accumulated considerable experience in advising and training customers in practical, easy to understand and cost effective ways.

The company has extensive experience in beef feedlots and dairy intensive and grazing operations with respect to site development, feedstuffs, forage management and conservation, ration formulations, feed processing and feeding management.

ANCS has also ample knowledge in the area of ruminant supplementation for grazing and stud operations including formulating, making and feeding dry loose licks, blocks, liquid pasture and suspension supplements, complete grain mixes, water medication and silage.

In the area of stock feed manufacturing, the company has wide experience in mill development, raw materials and by-products purchasing and use, milling requirements, processing and testing equipment, quality assurance systems and training of staff in production and sales nutrition.