Providing the best possible advice to its customers in the areas of animal nutrition, livestock production, agribusiness management, feed manufacturing, product testing and development, quality assurance and training programmes in a cost effective manner.

Animal Nutrition Consulting Services (ANCS) is an international provider of practical up-to-date animal nutrition and agribusiness management advice and training. As an independent consultancy practice, it is focused of delivering advice and training in a cost effective manner to achieve the best possible outcome for each customer’s business and livestock.

ANCS is based in Brisbane, Queensland, close to the heart of the intensive animal industry of Australia. From there it provides services to many stockfeed manufacturers, beef, dairy and sheep feedlots, studs and grazing properties and pig, horse and poultry operations located in the states of Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, Australia. ANCS also services beef and dairy operations in other countries such as Cambodia, Colombia, China, Indonesia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Japan and Korea.

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Industries Serviced:

Stockfeed Manufacturers Beef Feedlots
Piggeries Dairy Feedlots
Dairy grazing farms Sheep Feedlots
Cattle Stud & commercial graziers Stud & working horse operations
Sheep Stud & commercial graziers Feeds & Additives Suppliers
Goat stud & commercial graziers Universities and Ag Colleges
Broiler & Layer operations Government Agencies
Turkey, Duck and Geese Farms International Agencies
Rabbit Farms Veterinarians & Agronomists